The 7 Secrets of Happiness

Gyles Brandreth

Published by Short Books in Paperback / Epub (£9.99)

When Gyles Brandreth set out Looking For Happiness, he started in Las Vegas and ended up in the psychiatrist’s chair. What he discovered about who gets to be happy and how – plus other useful lessons picked up along the way from Frank Sinatra and The Queen among others – provides the essence of this unexpected 60 minutes of hilarious stories and practical advice.

The 7 Secrets Of Happiness is both ‘the book of the show’ and a set of rules that are simple to remember but challenging to achieve. The happiness theme in the show and the book is the culmination of a journey Gyles has been on for seventeen years, since the death of his best friend in 1996 and losing his seat in parliament the following year.
Gyles is hoping that people will regard his new show and book as worthwhile investments. Research (from Manchester University and University College, London) shows that happy people live up to ten years longer than unhappy people.

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