Heart, Body, Soul and Life Beyond the Ocean

Laird Hamilton

Published by Rodale Books, Penguin Random House US in Hardback / Epub (£19.99) on 28-03-2019

LIFERIDER explores the inner psyche and guiding philosophies of legendary surfer and international fitness icon Laird Hamilton

In this follow-up to his New York Times bestselling book Force of Nature, surfing legend, fitness icon, and entrepreneur Laird Hamilton condenses his worldview into three simple blocks of thinking, feeling, and doing.  Hamilton reveals the secrets behind his success and breaks down the principles that have motivated his extraordinary life in this prescriptive narrative that condenses his unique worldview into its three distinct elements: heart, body, and soul.

  • “When Laird Hamilton surfs, you must watch. When he speaks, I listen. And when he writes a book I’m damn sure gonna read it. Twice.”

    Eddie Vedder

  • “Laird is a hero, if you want him to be. That’s up to your perception. He challenges himself, and he challenges those around him. I challenge him. He challenges me. We want the colour that life has to offer, and it seems that the deeper you puncture into life, the more vibrant the colours get.”

    Josh Brolin

  • “Laird Hamilton is a true individualist unafraid to carve his own path. These thoughtful mediations offer a unique window – illuminating and inspiring – into one of America’s great innovators.”

    Rory Kennedy

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