Gus the Fox’s Scrapbook

Matt Haydock, Nick Reyniers

Published by Short Books in Hardback / Epub (£12.99) on 07-11-2013

Skulking beneath London’s tacky veneer live a population of creatures we only catch fleeting glimpses of as they slink off into the gloaming, going about their revolting business… Sometimes animal, sometimes human, occasionally both, another society of cadgers and spongers thrives in the shadows of the city. Until recently it seems we knew very little about what this lot get up to when the rest of us were not there.

But that was before Gus – our fox on the frontline. For the past 12 months Gus has recorded his daily thoughts, activities and interactions. Through his surreal, salacious and darkly disgusting observations, we learn about urban wildlife, celebrities and quite a bit about ourselves and this crazy world that we’ve all been forced to share.

With a foreward from Noel Fielding, this is Gus The Fox’s Scrapbook; a miscellany of snippets and scribblings from his own personal collection, including a ‘Guide to Fox Slang, ‘Recipes’, ‘Gus’s Agony Column’, ‘Binventions’ and an extract from his eagerly unanticipated ‘Erotic Novel’. Gus reveals it in all its scandalous hilarity. He shows modern urban dwellers as they really are in all their trashy, low-down grossness and takes no prisoners in the process. Gus The Fox is a c***, and that’s why we love him.

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The Art of Repair

It all started with a pair of socks… White, woollen – my favourite pair. The heels had become thin and threadbare; then a small hole appeared on one of the toes. Too precious to throw away, I decided to mend them. I chose a ball of yarn from my mother’s wool collection and she found me her old darning mushroom, which had once belonged to my granny, and explained the basics. I remember the feeling of it: threading the needle with a strand of contrasting grey wool, while pulling the heel over the domed wooden mushroom; weaving my needle in and out of the surviving strands; making little bridges back and forth like a lawn mower; slowly closing the hole. The process was instinctive. I can still recall the feeling of pride and achievement when I had finally finished. Sure my darn looked a little rustic, but I had given my socks
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