The Blind Photographer

Published by Redstone Press in Hardback (£29.95) on 08-09-2016

This remarkable, thrilling book will open your eyes to a whole new world – it is the first to explore the global phenomenon of the blind and partially-sighted photography projects and workshops that, since their relatively recent inception, have had huge social and therapeutic impact.

The book features over 150 photographs and the accompanying text – which includes testimonies from the photographers themselves – gives a unique insight into the visualization of the sight-impaired. The weight, the distance, the varying degrees of light, the perspective, the very intent of the creators – each photograph somehow conveys the spirited journey made by the photographer to capture it, and as such the book is infused with an energy often absent from our image-heavy, screen-driven world.

It’s important to note that the book is not ‘about’ the blind, but it will provoke the sighted to imagine more fully the human condition of those who are visually impaired. Showcasing work from countries such as Mexico, India, China and the UK, this is an incomparable book, one which offers us a truly new way of seeing.

  • The best thing to do with stereotypes and pre-conceptions is to challenge them, and this book THE BLIND PHOTOGRAPHER does just that.. It breaks down barriers from both sides, and shows what can be achieved if you turn your back on the doubters and just follow your dreams. Visions are not seen purely by the eyes but through the spirit.”

    Stevie Wonder

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