Day of the Accident

A haunting new thriller by the author of My Sister’s Bones

Nuala Ellwood

Published by Penguin Books in Paperback / Epub (£7.99) on 21-02-2019

A haunting new thriller by the author of My Sister’s Bones that asks the question: how far would you go to prove you didn’t kill your daughter?

Sixty seconds after she wakes from a coma, Maggie’s world is torn apart.

The police tell her that her daughter Elspeth is dead. That she drowned when the car Maggie had been driving plunged into the river. Maggie remembers nothing.  When Maggie begs to see her husband, Sean, the police tell her that he has disappeared. He was last seen on the day of their daughter’s funeral.

What really happened that day at the river?  Where is Maggie’s husband?

Day of the Accident is a haunting tale of loss, betrayal and the lengths a woman will go to protect her loved ones and beat her demons.

  • ‘Gripping, poignant … I read it in one sitting’


  • ‘Brilliantly compulsive and with one hell of a twist!’


  • ‘Makes you question everything you thought you knew’


  • ‘A gripping page turner’


  • ‘Haunting thriller … A worthy successor to Ellwood’s debut My Sister’s Bones’


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