Bourbon Empire

The past and future of America’s whiskey

Reid Mitenbuler

Published by Viking US in Hardback (£19.99) on 04-06-2015

Rowdy, dynamic and full of attitude, BOURBON EMPIRE, takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the history and the future of this extraordinary drink.

Whiskey has profoundly influenced America’s political, economic and cultural destiny, just as those same factors have inspired the evolution and unique flavour of the whiskey itself. Unravelling the many myths and misconceptions surrounding America’s most iconic spirit, BOURBON EMPIRE traces a history that spans frontier rebellion, Gilded Age corruption and the magic of Madison Avenue. Few products better embody the United States or American business than bourbon.

Reid Mitenbuler’s writing is as gutsy and full of verve as the drink itself, capturing this vivid tale of innovation, success, downfall and resurrection. An exploration of the spirit in all its unique forms, BOURBON EMPIRE creates an indelible portrait of both bourbon and the people who make it.

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I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food!

My aim is to help parents make both cooking and mealtimes as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. It’s all about sharing food that the whole family will love, with your baby in a highchair pulled up to the table. Apart from the first few weeks of weaning, there really is no need to cook twice. In fact, it’s much better that you don’t! Your baby will benefit both nutritionally and developmentally from eating with you; and, if you are not stuck in the kitchen all day preparing endless different meals, you’ll be happier and less frazzled, too.

Your child’s development depends on three key areas of health that are intertwined and are interdependent – these are the Brain, the Immune system and the Gut (BIG). The first thousand days seems to be the critical window to get this essential BIG nutrition trio functioning well, as that is when your baby’s mind, immune-resilience and intestinal health are being primed for the future.

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