Noah J. Goldstein PhD, Steve Martin and Robert B. Cialdini PhD

Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein and Robert Cialdini are renowned practitioners of the science of persuasion. Their books have sold over 4 million copies, are taught in Business Schools around the world and have attracted the interest of world leaders, policy makers and global businesses. They are the authors of the Royal Society Prize listed bestseller Yes! and The Small Big.

Steve Martin is an author, business columnist and CEO of INFLUENCE AT WORK UK. His work applying persuasion science to business and public policy has been featured in the national and international press including BBC TV and radio, The Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Time magazine. (Steve penned the original and now world-famous set of Tax Letters that generated millions in extra revenue for the UK Government). His regular columns are read by over 2 million people every month and include the monthly ‘Persuasion’ column in British Airways’ in-flight magazine and the Harvard Business Review. He is a guest lecturer on Executive Programmes at the London Business School, the London School of Economics and the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

Noah Goldstein is Associate Professor of Management and Organization, Psychology, and Medicine at UCLA Anderson School of Management. He previously served on the faculty of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His research and writing on persuasion and influence have been published in many of the premier business journals. Goldstein’s work on persuasion was featured in the Harvard Business Review 2009 List of Breakthrough Ideas and has regularly been featured in prominent news outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and National Public Radio.

Robert Cialdini has spent his entire career researching the science of influence, earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance and negotiation. Dr. Cialdini is Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. As well as his best-selling books, his groundbreaking research has been featured in the most prestigious of scientific journals as well as on TV, radio, and in business and national press throughout the world. He is author of bestselling books Influence and Pre-Suasion. In the field of influence and persuasion Cialdini is the most cited living social psychologist in the world today

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Ten years ago a team of persuasion scientists published a book with a bold claim: Anyone who wanted to be more influential in their professional and personal lives could be, simply by following a hidden set of rules scientifically proven to work. Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion quickly hit the global bestseller […]