Joe Norman

Joe Norman has been a tutor of children aged 10-13 for nineteen years.  He specialises in training children for entrance and scholarships to top schools such as Eton, Winchester and Westminster. He studied at Winchester College and Oxford University.  His book The Super Tutor offers a first-class schooling in seven chapters.

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The Super Tutor

‘William Morris said that one should Have nothing in your home that you neither know to be useful, nor believe to be beautiful.
I believe the same thing is true of our minds. Education doesn’t ultimately happen in schools or universities or in the many forms of adult education available, or in public libraries, or even – saints preserve us! – online. Your education happens exclusively in your head, and that will always be true. Who’s driving this car? You are.
The contents of this book are largely things I was taught 20-25 years ago, which are still available to me now, because they stayed with me. Most of the quotations are made from memory. That’s the only real criterion for inclusion. Do I still remember it decades later?
I hope this book will reach not just avid young scholars, but also those who are not in formal education any more (of course, your informal education continues throughout your life; perhaps, if you’re like me, without you even noticing). What’s on offer here is the best academic education available in the English-speaking world, one focused on the intrinsic value of knowing interesting stuff, all sifted through the gaping holes of the colander I like to call my mind.’ Joe Norman