Francesca Cartier Brickell

Francesca Cartier Brickell is a graduate in English literature from Oxford University, and a direct descendant of the Cartier family. She is a sought-after international lecturer on Cartier’s illustrious history, and has given talks for major auction houses, museums, and societies.  THE CARTIERS is the result of years of the author’s independent research into her family and the business they founded.  Francesca lives with her husband and children in London and the South of France.

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The Cartiers

As historian Diana Scarisbrick writes in the book’s foreword, “Many books have been written over the years on Cartier, but none have delved so deep into the true story of the family behind the firm…. although the exhibitions on Cartier over recent decades have shown so many beautiful objects, almost all the people most responsible for designing, making, and selling them have remained in the shadows. Now the veil has been lifted and the real story of the creation of Cartier has finally emerged.”