The Super Tutor

The best education money can buy in seven easy chapters

Joe Norman

Published by Short Books in Hardback (£12.99) on 04-04-2019

For Joe Norman, education is what you still remember when you have forgotten everything else. What ideas have stayed with you from the classroom? How do you write an essay? How do you read a poem?

Whether you are still a student or long finished with formal education, The Super Tutor offers a first-class schooling for anyone who wants to learn – the kind of learning that will stay with you a lifetime.  Drawing on fifteen years of tutoring, Joe Norman shares with his readers his top seven essential and imaginative lessons, including: how to write, how to read, common mistakes and, most importantly, how to think.  Stripping away grades, praise, university places or examiners, this book celebrates the love of learning things for their own sake.

The Super Tutor’s core lessons:

How to Read                                                                            Comprehension

How to Write                                                                           How to read a Poem

How to Write an Essay                                                            How to Tutor

Common Mistakes: Apostrophes to Accusatives

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