Killing Eva

Alex Blackmore

Published by No Exit Press in Paperback (£7.99)

Introducing a gripping new voice and the formidably authentic protagonist Eva Scott

Witnessing a dramatic death at London’s Waterloo Station triggers a series of events that shatter Eva
Scott’s world. Dying words uttered on the station concourse awaken a history she had thought long
buried. But the past is about to be resurrected, in all its brutal reality.

Alex Blackmore’s second novel confirms her place on the thriller scene. A fast-paced conspiracy with an impressive female lead, Killing Eva ensures that Blackmore will be an author to watch.

  • ‘An exciting, fast-moving conspiracy thriller in the classic Hitchcock mould’

    Emlyn Rees

  • ‘Fast paced, full of action and with an impressive female lead character – this is a seriously gripping page turner from a talented writer.’


  • ‘If you love sci-fi and intelligent reads with dynamic characters, this is the book for you.’

    Candis Magazine

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