Joanna Griffin

Joanna Griffin is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist who has been undertaking doctoral research on this topic.  She has worked in a number of different clinical settings, including the NHS, and provides independent supervision and consultancy work. She established the website to signpost to emotional support for parent carers.

Joanna Griffin's current campaigns

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Day by Day

I wrote this book to share what I have learnt over the last thirteen years in the hope that no-one else feels so alone in the confusion and heartache as I did. Although it can be hard to find other families, and living in a mainstream world can feel isolating, there are other families out there with a similar experience and it can be valuable and restorative to find them. I hope this book reassures you that you are not mad or bad for feeling a whole raft of emotions in relation to parenting a disabled child, often all at the same time. This is an ordinary response to an extraordinary situation. I also hope it offers you signposts and ideas on how to support yourself during the journey.