PR Collective honoured to be working on Mike Tyson biography ‘Scream: The Tyson Tapes’

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The PR Collective is delighted to announce their latest campaign ‘Scream: The Tyson Tapes’ by Jonathan Rendall, published by Short Books on the 30th September.

The book, edited by Richard Williams, follows the life of notorious boxer Mike Tyson.

Intimate first-hand reports from trainers, gym-mates, boxers and press agents are interspersed with Rendall’s atmospheric prose, immersed in the vernacular of the boxing ring. This compelling short biography chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of one of the most controversial figures in world sport.

“When I saw Tyson training I thought, ‘Now that’s a great boy.’ He was very strong, short, but I always believed that strength is not important. It’s how you apply it. He was strong and fast but also smart, and I knew he would go places.”

Jose Torres, Former light-heavyweight champion

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