The Afghan Vampires Book Club

Gary Barker and Michael Kaufman

Published by World Editions in Hardback (£10.99) on 28-05-2015

The letter was headed: ‘The Afghan Vampires Book Club: An Invitation.’

We were to gather the most improbable, disturbing, and unbelievable stories coming out of the two-and-a-half decades of the Afghan War. ‘The goal, my dear friends, is to figure out if the story is true or pure invention.’

In the 25th year of the US-Afghan War, two hundred US soldiers are massacred. Amongst the growing number of dis­carded veterans, rumours circulate that one soldier made it out alive. When British journalist John Fox finally tracks down Captain Tanner Jackson, he hears an astonishing tale of violence, conspiracy and revenge – but also of enduring love. Part anti-war fable, part page-turning dystopian adventure, The Afghan Vampires Book Club is a thrillingly contemporary novel about American’s war in Afghanistan. This satirical examination of how the US treats its war veterans will reshape your understanding of what endless war inflicts, not only on the men and women who become soldiers, but on us all.

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Nine Nasty Words

Language evolves with time, and so does what we consider profane or unspeakable. Nine Nasty Words is a rollicking examination of profanity, explored from every angle: historical, sociological, political, linguistic. In a particularly coarse moment, when the public discourse is shaped in part by once-shocking words, nothing could be timelier.

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I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food!

My aim is to help parents make both cooking and mealtimes as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. It’s all about sharing food that the whole family will love, with your baby in a highchair pulled up to the table. Apart from the first few weeks of weaning, there really is no need to cook twice. In fact, it’s much better that you don’t! Your baby will benefit both nutritionally and developmentally from eating with you; and, if you are not stuck in the kitchen all day preparing endless different meals, you’ll be happier and less frazzled, too.

Your child’s development depends on three key areas of health that are intertwined and are interdependent – these are the Brain, the Immune system and the Gut (BIG). The first thousand days seems to be the critical window to get this essential BIG nutrition trio functioning well, as that is when your baby’s mind, immune-resilience and intestinal health are being primed for the future.

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Extra Life

Steven Johnson will present a four-part television series with historian David Olusoga, also titled Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer. As with the book, the series, set in the context of today’s COVID-19 crisis, explores the lessons learned from previous global pandemics—including smallpox, cholera, the Spanish flu, and others—and reveals how scientists, doctors, self-experimenters, and activists launched a public health revolution, saving millions of lives, fundamentally changing how we think about illness and ultimately paving the way for modern medicine.

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